Hetherley Capital Partners is a specialist hotel investment, operations and asset management firm able to deploy a comprehensive range of acquisition, hotel management, financial and asset management functions across all of its hotels. We work through the life cycle of each investment from deal origination to successful exit, delivering superior, risk-adjusted returns for our capital partners.


Expertise Overview:

The Hetherley deal origination process is one of the keys to our success. We have an extensive network of professional intermediaries and contact relationships that we use to source hotel acquisition opportunities in the UK and Ireland.

We value the relationships we have developed with our industry colleagues and are fiercely protective of our reputation in the market place. We review numerous potential acquisition opportunities for every deal that we proceed with, underwriting the investment case for the acquisition with extensive market and financial due diligence, feasibility and business planning/options analysis before presenting it for investment.


Expertise Overview:

The Hetherley senior team has a proven track record in acquiring and structuring successful hotel investments across the UK.

We maintain close relationships with all the senior debt lenders active in the sector, including all the major UK high street banks, as well as a range of mezzanine debt funders, private equity and alternative investment providers.

Each deal structure is tailored to the requirements of the individual investment to ensure that the hotel achieves its short, medium and long term goals in accordance with our investment strategy.

Experience includes:
  • Debt & Equity Capital Structuring
  • Financial Modelling & Investor Returns Analysis
  • Hotel Brand Partner Review & Selection
  • Market & Financial Feasibility Analysis
  • Capital Investment Needs Analysis
  • Business Planning
  • Investor Reporting


Expertise Overview:

With over 30 years’ combined experience in hotel operations and management, Senior Directors of the Hetherley Operations team are able to bring a wealth of knowledge to bear on each one of its hotels.

Hetherley works across all aspects of hotel investment and management, maintaining both an owner and hotel manager position in the UK Hotel sector. As a hotel owner ourselves, we understand how important it is to deliver tangible results in support of a clear business strategy, underpinned by measurable management goals that drive hotel profitability. It is vital that the interests of all stakeholders are aligned in order to drive maximum return for investors and shareholders. Hetherley Hotel Management has a proven track record originating and implementing business growth strategies that increase hotel revenues and enhance hotel profitability.  We are an entrepreneurial, focused management team that delivers results.

Experience includes:
  • Sales & Marketing Management
  • Revenue & Yield Management
  • Asset Operations & Business Strategy Planning
  • Hotel Re-positioning & Capital Investment Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Golf Course Management
  • Procurement
  • Health and Safety Legislative Compliance
  • Human Resources Management


Expertise Overview:

Leveraging our hotel management experience, Hetherley also deploys a comprehensive hotel asset management discipline and oversight role across all of its assets in order to drive incremental profitability increases through every hotel operation.

Our proprietorial asset management platform can be incorporated into any existing hotel reporting function, providing hotel owners and investors a quarterly summary of all aspects of the asset under review, including financial management, operations management, business strategy and ongoing capex requirements.

The Hetherley Asset Management team can oversee any hotel capital investment programme, identifying and analysing capex requirements (pre- or post-acquisition) and delivering optimal value in accordance with the investment strategy for each asset.

Experience includes:
  • Debt & Equity Capital Structuring
  • Financial Modelling & Investor Returns Analysis
  • Hotel Brand Partner Review & Selection
  • Market & Financial Feasibility Analysis
  • Capital Investment Needs Analysis
  • Business Planning
  • Investor Reporting


Expertise Overview:

Implementation of rigorous financial management and accounting controls is of paramount importance to any real estate investment, particularly dynamic businesses such as hotels that rely on robust cash flow controls, active revenue yield management and comprehensive day-to-day financial control processes and procedures in order to maximise profitability.

Within the Hetherley managed estate, and for selected corporate partners that require a hotel management team with proven experience,  Hetherley is able to deploy a comprehensive range of hotel financial control and accounting processes as part of its management service.

Experience includes:
  • Centralised Accounting & Hotel Financial Management
  • Preparation of Management Accounts
  • Detailed Annual Budgeting & Capex Planning
  • Centralised Payroll Services
  • Group Purchasing & Procurement
  • Regular Investor Reporting
  • Bank Covenant Compliance & Performance Reporting


Expertise Overview:

Successful hotel investment requires a clear exit strategy.

At the point of any acquisition we also plan for the eventual disposition of the hotel, setting out a clear and concise business strategy for the hotel and likely investor returns within a set timeframe. As a sector specialist, we maintain a dedicated focus on macro and micro performance trends in the UK and European hotel industries to ensure that the decision to dispose of an asset at a particular time is driven by our singular focus to return maximum value to our investment partners.

During the disposition process, we act as a primary point of contact for all appointed professional advisors, undertake rigorous due diligence on potential purchasers and liaise with all stakeholders to ensure a timely exit in accordance with the investment strategy.


Hetherley’s business strategy is underpinned by a key specialist skill – recognising opportunities to unlock capital value in hotels. We take an entrepreneurial approach to each of our hotels, underwriting each investment with extensive due diligence and scenario analyses, comprehensive investor reporting and pro-active asset and operations management.

Sector Specialists

We maintain a dedicated focus on a single asset class, investing in and managing hotels.

We believe that this is a strength rather than a weakness in that it allows us to immerse ourselves in the ever-changing dynamics of the hotel industry and able to deploy that knowledge to the benefit of our investment strategy and that of our investment partners.

Our dedicated hotel sector specialism affords us a greater awareness of macro and micro trends in the market as well as a deeper understanding of current and potential future industry issues that potentially could affect our investment strategy.

Active Ownership

In our role as hotel asset manager and investors’ representative, we are pro-active, diligent and dedicated to maximising operational profitability at every stage through the hotel investment life-cycle.

On investments where we work with a third-party hotel management team, we closely monitor the effectiveness of day-to-day decisions taken in pursuit of operational profitability, constantly challenging the team to drive maximum value.

We deploy our proprietorial asset management platform across all of our hotels to ensure clear and concise performance reporting bench-marked against other hotels in the portfolio and the hotel’s respective competitive market.

Geographical Focus

We are a dedicated owner and manager of hotels in the UK and Ireland.

This singular geographical focus is underpinned by over 15 years’ experience assessing the hotel investment case for most UK city markets and at all market positions (budget hotels through to 5-star hotels).

We know the brands that deliver and those that do not. We know which city markets have further growth potential and which to avoid and most importantly, the optimum position within those markets that will yield maximum return for us and our capital partners.

Undervalued Hotels

We create investor value at the point of acquisition.

We are opportunistic and entrepreneurial, always striving to recognise value where others do not and unlocking that value through comprehensive property improvement plans and asset re-positioning strategies.

Our Asset Management team has extensive experience in identifying and implementing capital expenditure programmes, project managing their delivery and re-launching hotels back into their respective markets.

Underperforming Hotels

Hotels are cash flow business influenced by a wide range of consumer habits that can have a direct impact on hotel revenue and profitability. As the capital value of any hotel is directly linked to the level of profitability it generates, we recognise the importance of managing the efficiency of any hotel operation in order to maximise profit.

Our dedicated Asset Management team works alongside each hotel operations team to ensure that every management decision is taken with a view to maximising return on investment. We have a proven track record in significantly increasing the operational profitability of any hotel for which we have responsibility.

Flexible Brand Solutions

Choosing the most appropriate brand for your hotel is a hugely important business decision that will directly affect its position in the market, operational profitability and investment exit strategy.

We have experience working with most of the UK’s major hotel brands and have first-hand owner experience of their cost models and impact on hotel profitability.

We maintain a close relationship with the respective brand standards and development teams of all the major European hotel brands to ensure that when we overlay a brand into our hotels we are doing so with a view to maximising return on investment.


Hetherley Capital Partners is a business that firmly believes in 5 key values.
Values that drive our organisation and are reinforced daily by our actions.



Hetherley Capital Partners is committed to delivering the highest standards of quality through the systemic screening of hotel investment opportunities underpinned by our robust market and financial due diligence processes.


Our business relies upon a comprehensive understanding of the risks and rewards of investing in hotels. We believe that our staff, business partners and investors have a right to that same transparency in everything that we do.


In an increasingly competitive business environment, we take pride in our track record of delivering on every commitment we make, to anyone, every time. Maintaining our reputation as a professional service-provider and standing in the market place, be it with our suppliers, business partners, investors or hotel staff, is central to every business decision we take.


With calculated risk comes calculated rewards, the lifeblood being the entrepreneurial attitude Hetherley Capital Partners adopts to unlock hotel capital value upside. We pride ourselves on recognising investment opportunities that others miss and implementing a robust plan to maximise the full potential of every hotel within our portfolio.


We exercise caution with any decision that potentially impacts our staff, our investment partners or our reputation in the UK hotel investment market. We are committed to delivering, superior risk-adjusted investment returns on each of the assets within our portfolio.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

Hetherley Capital Partners takes its responsibilities to the wider global community very seriously. We believe that our own actions reflect the society in which we live and by adopting good social and environmental business practices, we can bring about positive change in our hotels, the communities in which they operate and the people that we deal with.

Business Practice

We encourage all hotel staff members and employees of Hetherley Capital Partners to be conscientious of the environment and of their communities, treating others as they themselves would like to be treated regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnic background.

We believe that it is our joint responsibility to set a positive example for others to follow; recognising our status as role models for the next generation.


Consumption in hotels and its effects on the environment can be substantial. We care about the environment and our contribution to global warming, recognising the direct correlation between man-made activities and the deterioration of the natural world.

We can all do more to arrest this decline.

In our hotels we employ, where at all possible, environmentally-friendly business practices through:

  • Energy Consumption
  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Local Procurement
  • Investment in our Employees
  • Workplace Safety


“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived….it is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead”Nelson Mandela

Charities We Support

Hetherley Capital Partners commits to donating 1% of annual corporate profits to recognised international charities in an effort to help those less fortunate that ourselves.


Mind provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. Because of Mind, millions more people have access to advice and support thanks to their information and services nationally and locally, in England and Wales.



Guillain-Barré syndrome is a rare autoimmune condition that causes nerves in the arms and legs to become inflamed and stop working, usually leading to temporary paralysis. Unfortunately some people do not survive and others experience long term effects ranging from limited mobility to life-long dependency on a wheelchair. GAIN is the only national organisation in the UK and Republic of Ireland dedicated to supporting people affected by these conditions.



Through our experienced team, our goal is to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns underpinned by our extensive market knowledge, operations expertise and successful investment strategy.